Navigating Your Rights

The Utah Legal Guide for those 55 and over

    "A breath of fresh air, Gunther's book expertly guides Utah seniors through very complicated legal issues, including preventing exploitation and makes processes seem simple, clear and manageable."
    — Philip C. Marshall

    "Utah's older adults are frequently confronted with complex and confusing legal issues.  Not knowing where to turn or who to trust adds to the fog. With the publication of Navigating Your Rights, Utahns now have a well-written, plain-language guide that cuts through the confusion and delivers straight forward answers."
    — Alan K. Ormsby

    "I will be using the book immediately to help me be better prepared to live safely and with peace of mind as a senior. This book is helpful for anyone – whether they are over 55 or not!"
     — Valerie of Centerville, Utah 

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