Reporting Abuse

Utah law (62A-3-305) mandates any person who has reason to believe that a vulnerable adult is being abused, neglected, or exploited must immediately notify Adult Protective Services or the nearest law enforcement office.

How to Report

Reporting Abuse

Please call 911 if there is an emergency

Causing harm or injury, attempting to cause harm or inappropriately using physical restraint,
medication or isolation that could cause harm to a vulnerable adult is illegal and must be reported.

By Telephone
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Report Online 24/7

It’s fast and easy.
Click this link to use the online abuse reporting form.

Lonely Woman in chair

Know the signs

Unexplained bruises or welts

Multiple bruises in various stages of healing

Unexplained fractures, abrasions and lacerations

Multiple injuries

Withdrawn, passive

Low self-esteem or loss of self-determination


Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Do you know a vulnerable adult who is being intimidated, threatened, isolated, coerced or harassed?

Know the signs

  • Low self-esteem or loss of self-determination
  • Withdrawn, passive, fearful


Or call toll free

Caretaker Neglect

Caretakers assume the responsibility to provide a vulnerable adult with care, food,
shelter, clothing, supervision, etc. Failing to do so is considered neglect.

Know the Signs

  • Dehydration

  • Deserted or abandoned

  • Malnourishment

  • Inappropriate or soiled clothes

  • Over or under medicated

  • Lack of glasses, dentures or other aides if usually worn

  • Unattended

Lonely senior  woman in chair

Self Neglect

Self-Neglect occurs when a vulnerable adult is no longer able to care for their own well-being or provide basic necessities, due to mental or physical impairment.

Know the signs

  • Over or under medicated
  • Social isolation
  • Malnourishment or dehydration
  • Unkempt appearance
  • Lack of glasses, dentures, or hearing aides, if needed
  • Failure to keep medical appointments


Or call toll free


Obtaining or using (unjustly or improperly) a vulnerable adult’s funds, credit, assets or other property, by deception or intimidation, is against the law.

Know the Signs

  • Disappearance of possessions
  • Forced to sell house or change one’s will
  • Overcharged for home repairs
  • Inadequate living environment
  • Unable to afford social activities
  • Forced to sign over control of finances
  • No or little money for food, clothes or other necessities


Or call toll free