Celebrating a century – or more – of birthdays!

Governor Cox Celebrates Utah's Centenarians

Each year, at the Centenarian Celebration, our Governor honors some of Utah’s finest – those 100 years of age and older. The celebration includes lunch, music, an opportunity to shake hands with our State’s leader and time for us younger Utahns to gain a bit of wisdom. Learn more about Governor Cox

Governor’s Century Club of Utah

As governor of the great state of Utah, it is my honor to recognize Utah’s most exclusive club, the Governor’s Century Club of Utah, and its members: Utahns who have reached their 100th birthday and older

– Governor Cox

Centenarians Share their wisdom

  • Outstanding memories
  • Impressive changes
  • Secret to longevity
  • Best life advice

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Featured Centenarian

Lois Mable Allison Gruber

100 Years Young

Secret to longevity

“Be happy and think of others first.”

Best advice

“Believe and trust in God. Be kind to others and expect nothing in return. Listen to others and be interested in their lives. Never brag.”


Five children, twenty-four grandchildren, thirty-nine great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.

Born in 1920

Shantung, China

Life in China

Growing up, her family lived in a missionary station; a gated, walled compound that was home to five missionary families. Her teenage years in China were during a time of Japanese occupation and she remembered turmoil and hardships.

Unique Education

American school of
Pyonyang in Korea

High School

Lois and the other missionary children would take a Japanese ship and sail to Korea to spend the school year boarding there.