Celebrating a century – or more – of birthdays!

Governor Cox Celebrates Utah's Centenarians

Each year, at the Centenarian Celebration, our governor honors some of Utah’s finest — those 100 years of age and older. The celebration includes lunch, music, an opportunity to shake hands with our state’s leader, and time for us younger Utahns to gain a bit of wisdom. Learn more about Governor Cox

Governor’s Century Club of Utah

As governor of the great state of Utah, it is my honor to recognize Utah’s most exclusive club, the Governor’s Century Club of Utah, and its members: Utahns who have reached their 100th birthday and older

– Governor Cox

Centenarians Share their wisdom

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  • Impressive changes
  • Secret to longevity
  • Best life advice

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Featured Centenarian

Rose Tonti

100 Years Young

Secret to longevity

“It’s your attitude, you have to have a healthy outlook on life and see the positive in any situation … you can only do this with God in your life.”

Best advice

“Keep-a-go and God Bless America!”


Three daughters, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Life in Italy

Rose was born in San Pietro Avellana, Italy, on
September 2, 1921.

She remembers German soldiers taking over her hometown in Italy. The town was eventually evacuated, and her family and neighbors were forced to live in other Italian provinces. They spent the night in a barn once and often ate spoiled and insect-ridden food because it was their only option.

Coming to America

Her father moved from Italy to Ogden, Utah in Rosie’s infancy to support the family.

When the war ended in 1945, she had to wait another five years before coming to America. Rosie made it to Ellis Island when she was 28 years old, and rode a series of trains across the country to reunite with her father at the Ogden Union Station.